Protect the Environment & Put Resources to Work


Run-of-River is a hydroelectric style that does not depend on a conventional reservoir.  Therefore unlike reservoir hydroelectric, it does not require deforestation and the removal of a forest’s natural carbon sink from the environment.


Since there is no impoundment, there is no corresponding decay of organic matter in sediments and therefore no carbon dioxide nor methane production.  Run-of-river, unlike conventional hydro, is therefore a completely carbon neutral technology.


Run of River hydro is orders of magnitude less capital intensive than conventional reservoir-scale hydroelectric.  Permitting requirements are concomitantly less.  And for mountainous societies with lots of rain, run-of-river resources turn out to be prolific.  As the twentieth century US-dominated push for reservoirs suffers clawbacks to its prestige from revisionism from social and environmental quarters, steep rivers are a wildly under-utilized planetary resource. Commercial co-generation, grid-tie, and independent micro-hydro for personal use are the three markets for run-of-river hydro development.


River Run Hydro promotes the paradigm shift toward smaller and more efficient, more widely exploitable renewable resources.   We are based in Costa Rica and welcome interest from landowners with such resources.  For investors interested in properties for sale that have such resources, we have a number of vetted sites available for either purchase and development outright or for development under joint venture with property ownership and River Run Hydro.  We have the technical and fiscal resources to bring viable commercial projects to market and the expertise to advise on grid-tie and independent systems.   Write us for more information or fill out our questionnaire.